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Facebook and Instagram down worldwide, complaints about social media floods

Facebook and Instagram are going down in many countries of the world, including India, America and Europe. During this time some of the users' Facebook accounts were not open, some were finding it difficult to comment and comment. There are not many posts on the Facebook page of many institutions. That's why users are constantly complaining.

It is said that Facebook is down from 9.30pm. Because of which Facebook users are not able to comment or click on the likes. No link to Facebook can be posted. This problem of Facebook being down is seen on both the website and the app. Although the company had said that in a few minutes it would be fine

Because of this, people are registering their complaints on social media platforms including Twitter. Many users have also shared screenshots in which a company notification indicates that Facebook is currently down due to maintenance. Will be fine in a few minutes.

Facebook has informed people about their app's downfall via Twitter…